My Current “To Be Read” Pile!

I am one of those annoying book people who would still prefer to seek and submerge into adventures in the form of books rather than movies and TV series. I would buy my friends books that i love and expect them to love it too. You can even ask my boyfriend – i think i might have even pissed him off a couple of times when we decide what movie to watch with this simple statement, “…. but i have not read the book version yet“.

In fact, my Goodreads and NLB Mobile accounts are some of my most – used apps on my phone! Goodreads helps me to track my reading record and save the books that i am interested to read next, while NLB mobile is where i would reserve these books at my nearest library. You would be pleasantly surprised by how updated our local libraries are! As buying books are generally not cheap here – it definitely saves me a decent pile of $$$ and still able to read the latest books in the market. So what’s on my current “to be read” pile? Well, here’s the rundown…

Scythe by Neal Shusterman.  This award-winning number has been on my radar for a few years already but was not high on my “to-read” priority list. So, i finally bit the bullet and put other books aside to finally take the plunge – and oh my god, why did i took so long?! Imaging this – a world with no problem at all, world peace achieved, there is a cure for all diseases and there is no way for humans to die. This resulted in a rise in population and enter… the scythe. This refers to a group of people who are specifically trained to act as an angel of death and the book surrounds two main teens who got chosen as scyte apprentices and the adventures they go through. It is so good, i just started yesterday and already devoured half of it!

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gaddon. Non-fiction is not my favourite genre but a self-help book like this one is a rare exception. This one caters to my career needs especially when you are in the corporate creative world!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkin Reid. Adult fiction is not a pool that i would typically dip & swirl my toe into, but i have enough booktubers pushing me to give this one a chance. This one revolves around Evelyn and the old Hollywood drama that she experiences – the risks she took, the seven husbands (!!) she had during her lifetime and the truth behind the glitz & glam. Here’s to hoping that it would be a good read!

The Book Of M by Peng Sheperd. Ah, this one is coming up right after Scythe. I have been a sucker for books with a dystopian feel, you know it – The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner etc. Imagine a time in the near future where there is a mystery plaque that causes people to start losing their shadow. With that, comes new powers and also the loss of their memories. *GASP!*   BRING. IT. ON.

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