3 Things To Add To My September To Do List!

With August in our rear mirror and the month of September full steam ahead, there are tons of things to look forward to! Nevertheless, August has no doubt been wonderful – i had a great reading month, explored new makan places with friends and even slipped in a corporate performance during National Day!

This month has tons of personal events for me to attend to such as weddings, engagements and birthday parties but these three things below are the main ones that i hope to accomplish.

Recently, my boyfriend and I realised that we have landed on a dating rut. We have been doing the same two things every single time we meet; eating + catching a movie. So, to keep the spark going and establish a better bond between us, we have been trying to brainstorm new dating ideas! We had our first successful running session together earlier this week, an activity milestone for us as he has been convincing me to do that together for almost two years! Our top activities (containing a good mix of our interests) include – hiking, weekly run sessions, exploring various areas of Singapore, attending free events and visiting local museums.

As exploring local areas is in our dating mix, first up in the list (well, mine at least) is Tiong Bahru! TB is a gem, with tons of stuff to explore such as murals, local bookstores, galleries and cafes. I am also looking forward to trying out the halal char kway teow at Bukit Merah hawker centre which was hyped on social media these past few weeks! I am also excited to bring the boyfriend along to these sort of places in which i am sure he does not usually visit. I am also planning to write up a local guide on Tiong Bahru later this month, so do watch out for that one!

After the Raya fiesta died down, i realised that my social media platforms went through a bit of a drought in which there were times when i did not create content at all. So this month, i would want to take my social media platforms by the horns and start planning out proper creative content that would sync all of my platforms together, which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even this blog!

So what are you up to this month?

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