3 Things To Add To My May To-Do List!

Ahhhh May, an exciting month ahead! I will be packing my bags to head off for Kashmir early tomorrow and will be back in Singapore just in time for Ramadhan, in shaa Allah. It will be a month of great content on this blog too, as i will be sharing my favourite travel & Ramadhan tips and also a proper Kashmir travel guide for you guys!

Here’s what i will be up to this month!

Find some Ramadhan-appropriate recipes | Recently i have been stalking my favourite health Muslimah nuts (eg. @zalibhai on IG) and was absolutely stoked when a healthy Ramadhan guide was released! Personally, i feel that Ramadhan is a month for us to be on track spiritually, mentally and also physically. This is the time to fill my body with good choices of food that will help boost my energy throughout the day and be filled with the nutrients i need as well.

Here’s a link to @zalibhai ‘s Healthy Ramadhan guide if you wish to read up on it – https://www.thefitnest.ca/healthy-ramadan

Writing up a Kashmir Travel Guide | Just like my many trips previously, i am excited to be writing up a proper travel guide for you guys. Be sure to look out for Kashmir’s some time this month in shaa Allah, where i will share with you the places we went, did and eat!

Biting the bullet and finally get a set of baju Raya (…or two heh) | April seems to be the month of many Eid releases and i have definitely had created a wishlist of those that caught my eye! Eid has definitely become a period of time where many of us would take the chance to try something new and i think the collections i have seen definitely take the cake. Do also look out for my post containing my Eid wishlist sometime this month!

Also, have you caught up with the blog posts from last month? Here they are if you have not!

What are you up to this month?

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