So, I Dipped My Toe In A Pool Of Podcasts…

Well hello there! I am finally back after giving myself a week’s break from blogging and here i am, going to share my experience on…. podcasts. Have you ever had that time when you are just sick of the same playlists you play on your daily commute to work and needed something new & interesting to ponder on? I was in that place recently and so, i finally decided to give this podcast platform a go. I don’t know if it has something to do with my age or just my head, but i feel that i should be making use the pockets of my time, utilising it properly to know better about the things i love, such as beauty, lifestyle and even millennial-related events.

I have only dipped my toe in this vast pool of podcasts recently, but here are my favourites so far!

Modern Love.

 What i love about this channel is that it comes out with a new essay every Thursday evening for me to listen to, exploring love and joy in everyday lives. I am not talking about a basic BGR, I am referring to different forms of love, such as from a father’s heart to his son or even the love for a …. couch.Here are some of my favourite episodes of Modern Love :

Anna Faris Is Unqualified. 

If you love Hollywood & western celebrities as much as i do, give this one a try. This channel is filled with interviews of stars you will definitely be familiar with from Lisa Kudrow to Chris Pine to even Nick Jonas! The episodes revolve around Anna giving a dig on these celebrities’ love life and they together give non-so great but really  funny relationship advice. Had a good time with this one!

Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

If you are a millennial working, modern female, you need to give this one a go. I love hearing Emma Gannon’s voice and her chemistry with her guests in every single episode! Below are my favourites, although i am not familiar with her guests on most of her episodes, i feel that the topics covered are pretty relatable and good for me to ponder more about :


Curious and wanted to give podcasts a try too? There are so many choices out there and there will definitely be something for you to get hooked. Also, if you are in the podcast scene as well and would like to recommend some great ones, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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