3 Things To Add To My April To Do List!

Happy April!

March flew by in a hurry, and it is time to embrace the new month that rolls around. The past month has been awesome, being a wonderful birthday month indeed, catching up with tons of family and friends. Discovered many food places as well – my friends and i tried Positano at one point and then my bf & I tried The Halia!

April will not be any less exciting; here’s what i am up to this month!

Start planning my trip to Kashmir. I will be heading up to Kashmir next month together with two of my friends, and we are so excited to finally being able to visit! Kashmir is known to be the “second Switzerland”, with its rich culture and picturesque nature. Planning for this trip has been surprisingly easy – we have engaged a guide/driver that would settle basically everything from accommodations to the activities we are going to do! Planning to visit Kashmir soon? Look out for my travel guide next month!

Try making Song of Style’s raw bars! I have been following Aimee on Instagram & Youtube long enough to know that she absolutely loves her raw bars. They only contain natural ingredients and are known to be nothing but good for you. I have been meaning to make it for the bf to give him a boost after his workout sessions but do not have the time! I really hope i could make a batch for us this month. Here’s the recipe if you would like to make it too – SOS’s raw bar recipe.

Catch up with the new Ready Player One movie  & the new season of A Series of Unfortunate Events! I was so stoked when i came across the trailer for Ready Player One last year during Comicon. I had such an amazing time reading the book, especially the battle scene where i was 100% hooked. This month also means the return of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix! This series isn’t anyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely mine. Netflix put such a whimsical feel onto the entire series and i absolutely loved how the series is true to the books. It is also a bonus when each episode is about an hour long, woo!

Also, have you caught up on last month’s posts?  Click on the link below if you wish to read them!

What are you up to this month?

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