To Have A Minimal + Fresh Wardrobe AND Earning Money From It – Possible?

Here’s to putting it out there – i never had the luxury of having a huge closet space. I share my closet space with two other more people at home! Sometimes, when my closet would get too full with my clothes and my dad would be on my tail, nagging to make sure that it could close properly and not be spoiling the door. Heh, sorry, dad.

As girls – we want tons of options when it comes to clothing. But sometimes, space could be an obstacle for us to achieving so.  Over the years, i finally learn the importance of having quality clothes over quantity and defining my style.  Here’s how i do it :

Figure out your clothing inventory. Before decluttering, i would recommend figuring out what you have and what you need. Do you attend events (e.g slightly more formal clothing) or day-to-night transition pieces? This helps you steer towards the direction of where you want to go and the clothes you have can help you get there. Personally, i figured out that i would need a lot more of smart casual pieces that could help me dress appropriately for both work and play. I do not attend events on a regular basis, therefore i feel that i do not need a wide range of event-wear in my closet.

Define Your Style. A minimal wardrobe does not necessarily mean just neutral colour scheme. If you like primary colours in your closet, go for it!  Look into your closet – what are the kind of clothes that you would typically lean towards? What kind of cuttings fits you best? For instance, when i reached this step, i would typically go for blouses & sweaters which would end right below my butt as it is the widest part of my body. As for bottoms, i would typically go for straight & slim cutting!

Declutter. Once you sorted out your style, it is time to get go through all of them and purge. Be brutal at this stage!Get rid of the things that do not bring you joy and do not help in making you feel & look better when put on. I would recommend categorizing them into two piles – to sell and to keep.

This is where the money making part comes in.  If you think that the clothes in the “to sell” pile is still in good condition to pass on to the next person, sell it on Carousell (or ebay, if you are international). If you sell it at a reasonable & attractive price, it will be snapped up and you get to earn some cash for yourself! I have been on the Carousell scene since late last year and i had a great time giving my clothes a new home. Talk about being eco-friendly as well!

Here is my carousell page if you fancy a look or peruse – click here.

Build your capsule. Once you are left with the clothes you love and defined a style for yourself, it’s now the fun part. Time to build it! Keep in mind, this does not mean going overboard with your clothes and going back to square one again. Set aside a number of clothing pieces that you are going to stick on – say 40. This 40, should consist of everythinggg from your tops, to your bottoms, to your dresses and even to your shoes! If you exceeded, purge what you don’t need from your capsule! This is how you can keep your closet freshhh.

Go try it out and let me know if it works for you!

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  1. Took your advice and walah! I feel liiiiiiight 💕 Has always love being a minimalistic! Sunday put to good use (:

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