How I Find Time To Read (& Enjoy It!)

Books have always been a part of me. My mom would proudly tell my friends how she instilled this habit of mine at a young age, by reading to baby me in the train, to and fro work. So, i began to read on my own by five years old and the urge to read never fades till today. I have dipped my toes into many genres throughout the years, from fiction to self-help to autobiographies.  My friends would even joke that i carry the world’s worth of books on my shoulders!

One way for me to be in the know of the hyped-up books is to keep up with booktubers on Youtube. Yes, there is a community online apart from Goodreads that discusses books that are worth checking out. Their enthusiasm for describing books can definitely be contagious – well that goes for me. They would talk about world-building, summarising the storylines and how the endings would crush them emotionally.

Here are favourite booktubers that i would put tabs on my Youtube. Love reading and keen to delve into the book community? Check them out:

Find books that you ACTUALLY want to read. Sometimes, i am guilty of getting books just because it has tons of great reviews from people from Goodreads, youtube and even those around me. But it might not be what i want to read at that point of time and it could result in me to stopping it midway. Go for things that interest you – like how i would like to learn more about the minimal lifestyle and my hobbies!

Get the books. It is so easy to obtain the latest books nowadays – even our public libraries are so updated, never underestimate them! Do book swaps with friends work as well. You don’t have to worry about the money spent on the books & the space to keep them once you are done with it.

Find pockets of time during your day to commit to reading! I have recently cultivated the habit of swapping devices to hard books before falling asleep. Placing them next to your bed also help motivate you on your book progress and reading it helps you to sleep better.

Always have a book with you. If you have long commute rides like i do, or have friends that would likely be late, it would be handy to have a book at hand. However, if your book selection is likely to be a hunk in sizeit might be a slight issue to carry it around. How i would counter this problem is to switch to using a kindle instead, it is so light and carries tons of books on a single device! Genius.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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