3 Things To Add To My March To Do List!

YAY, it’s finally March! I was this close to not posting on my birthday, and give myself a break but heck, i love you guys. This month is going to be a good one, i could feel it in my bones! Last month has been wonderful – we managed to catch Black Pather (&lovedit!), i discovered old places in Singapore such as Jurong Hill and have been spending the second half of the month researching about the Keto diet.

Here’s what i will be up to this month……

Trying out the keto diet slowly. I have been considering to dip my toe into this diet ever since i heard about it last month. If you don’t know what Keto is – it simply means going on a low-carb and hi-fat diet. Basically, carbs provide energy for you. However, if you lack carbs, your body will burn fat for energy instead. Through this, it can help in weight loss and other health aspects as well. Keen for me to do a full write up and an update on this one? Do let me know!

Make unique content for the gram. Thanks to DevonOnDeck, i now have a few tips up my sleeve to create unique content for Instagram! This includes cinematography, creating clones of myself in a picture (as shown above!) and hopefully, it could help me create great stuff for brands.

Interested to know how to create content that is different from the others as well? Head over to Devan’s Youtube channel here – here

Find time to catch up with family and friends. With the birthday month in coming into full swing, i hope that it could create chances for me to catch up with my families and friends for meals.

New eating places that i hope to try out this month!

What are you up to this month?

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