How I Turned A Random Space Into My “Spot”

Sometimes, I can get territorial. For instance, whenever I arrived at a hotel, I would plop my stuff in a random corner of the Airbnb and self-declare that it is “my space”. Am I the only one who does that? I mean, isn’t it easier, you know where your stuff is and the chances of you forgetting to pack something in is minimal because everything you own is in that ONE spot.

And it’s the same at home too. I, for one, still live with my family of five and have to claim a spot in a house where i safe keep my belongings. Despite having my own room, it is still pretty accessible for those whoever wishes to come in and out (eg. laundry, getting clothes). So here’s how i made a random space and claiming it mine……

The first one I would recommend it to fill the walls with photos of the things & people you love, loads of themI am a very visual person and this works to help me keep my spirits high. The photo range could be limitless, it could be pictures of your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, travels etc! I did the same at my work cubicle, i had a wall specifically for the display of such photos and it definitely felt as though it was my “spot”.

Next, i would suggest going with the colour scheme that makes you happy! Bright colours, dark colours, just go for it. Personally, I love combining dark wood with the white walls and that was what I went for. With the minimal colours, i add a bit of pop with some fake bright flowers from Vietnam last year for a feminine touch.

Make this spot the place where you keep all your essentials – this would include charging cables, your work bag, stationeries and such. These are things you know you need it on a daily basis and it is definitely helpful to know that they are all in one place!

Your spot should also include things that motivate you and this could be stuff like quotes in prints, memorabilia etc. This works for me, as a content creator, because i have the tendency to get into ruts and blocks from time to time. I would have small prints that state quotes like “create something even though it sucks” to keep me going!

So how do you create your spot?

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