Apps I Love Using To Spice Up My Instagram Stories!

Jazzing up my Instagram stories has been something I been up to as of late – I love creating unique and interesting content for people who view them! There are definitely people who do not get the reason for doing so, like what’s the point of putting in extra effort for something that will be gone in 24 hours? I admit, using different apps adds up to more steps and definitely would not be instant, but personally, I find it so much fun!

If you are looking into spicing up your IG content as well, feel free to read on how I made mine!


On most days, especially weekdays, I would just use my handphone to shoot raw stories. However, during the weekends, I would take out my Olympus Pen EP-7 with my 45mm lens and carry it wherever I go. You too can do the same with any camera, if you prefer to output it gives from a phone camera. I would also personally recommend that the camera would also come with built-in wifi for easy exporting or you can also use an SD card reader connecting from your camera to your phone.

Of course, this would mean that the stories will not be instant – I would typically set aside 15 mins in my evenings (or any particular time) to export out my stories, editing them to my liking and uploading them all onto Instagram in one shot.


I was over the moon last year when I found out that we could add video filters via an app that most of us already have – vsco! We could also create “recipes” to apply the same filter edits from our photos to our videos. It is especially useful when you would like to create a signature and consistent look to both your videos and photos.


Recently, I have gotten questions from my friends on Instagram on where do I obtain different fonts for my stories that they could not get straight from the app itself. I have tried many manyyyy apps throughout the years and settled with – vont for my videos & phonto for my photos! It will take some time to adapt to the apps, but once you get the hang of it, they will likely to be your essentials pretty quickly. One thing that i love about these two apps is that you can download your favourite free fonts via the internet and straight to your Vont/Phonto apps which would be time- consuming at first, but easy after!


To kick up the creativity and add up collages on my stories, i love using apps like Fuse , Photogrid to help me achieve the visual that i want. They come with grids that are ready to use, graphic stickers and also fonts that you can use for the videos! Some of their features might come with a paid subscription, so if you really like the apps and is willing to commit to create content via their apps, go for it!

There you go, go download these apps and have fun creating great content for your social platforms! Careful though, it might be addicting!

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