3 Things I’ve Add To My February To Do List!

Hello February —  last month was filled with tons of awesome moments and I hope you will be too! I tried out new places such as Atap (a new rooftop bar in Bugis), spent more time outdoors and being consistent with my fitness regime!

Curious about what I was up to last month? I shared on how I make my new habits stick and also how to curate a solid skincare regime for yourself in 2018! Feel free to give them a peep below –

Below are the things that I hope to get done in February and the content that will be in this space for the month to come. Do look out for them!

Work out on my work priorities better. With more things to juggle work-wise as this year is one of the most important years for the place that I am working, I am hoping that I could work on time management and prioritise my work better. Interested to read about how we can manage our work better and be productive at the same time? Do look out for a post this month, where I would share how I do!

Amp up on running. After many months of ditching running altogether, I finally had the courage to get back on the treadmill. Not going to lie, but the thought of running 30 mins straight scares me, but I did it! Since February roll around, I have run thrice (!!!) and am pretty determined to get it back in my life again.

Find out ways to spice up my IG Stories. If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice that I have found various ways to make my IG stories abit more different that the ones I watch on a usual basis. Later this month, do look out for a post in which i will share my favourite apps to use to make my IG stories stand out! I am talking video filters, highlight covers, fonts, fusing videos and photos together and so much more!

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