My Skincare Edit for 2018: The Essentials

There were tons of things that I promised to myself this year, and taking care of my skin better is definitely one of them. So, I set myself on a journey to curate myself the perfect set of skincare that I know will work. I did the research which includes looking out for top rated products, read up the reviews (both good & bad) and tried tons of samples!

Here’s how I curate my own arsenal of skincare that I know will work for me: 

  1. My first step was identifying the issues that I wish to work on, such as dullness, minimising oiliness and combating ageing skin early. By identifying them, it made it easy for myself to filter out the products that would help me combat these issues.
  2. The next step will be sourcing out samples for a period of two months at least. This step would make this journey a lot less painful on the wallet, especially when they tend to be on the pricier side. Using samples can also help to determine which ones are worth for you to splurge a little more on. Personally, I feel that it is totally ok to spending a bit more on skin care because this is the only canvas you have and you have to take care of it as much as you possibly can.
  3. Once you know what works for you, make that purchase! In a situation when a certain product might still be a bit out of your price range, spend a bit more time to research for a cheaper dupe. There will always be something out there which will deliver similar results for a cheaper price tag! You will have to keep searching, don’t give up.

Whilst going through these above steps on the journey to curate that solid set, I learnt that I am looking for something to boost radiance and help put ageing at bay (for as long as I can). I have settled for the products below and I am guaranteed that they will be here to stay, at least for the entire year! Read on below to find out more about them.

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

I have never thought that I would be an SK-II gal, but here I am! I tried this one with the two following products in a welcome kit sold in Sephora for a whopping $110 during the Year End Sale. Best purchase made that month! This bad boy here is basically a clearing lotion/ toner that helps to remove any excess impurities that my face cleanser might have missed out during my dual cleanse. It also helps to prep my skin for better absorption for the next product below…………..

SK-II’s Treatment Essence

This product help with three things – retaining skin’s natural functions (hydration & radiance),  shields the skin from pollutions and preventing the skin from suffering surface damage like loss of radiance due to the exposure of UV.  As city gal through and through and after trying this one for two months, I can definitely feel the benefits it brings – lesser breakouts and radiance. My face became so much clearer, so much brighter, and oh so smooth too! One downside though, this ONE product alone is pretty pricey so be sure to snag it during the seasonal sales.

SK-II’s  Power Radial New Age Cream

This one helps me combat in the ageing area. A night moisturising cream that delivers results such as radiance, younger looking skin in the morning and even promised to fine lines (not that I have any severe ones……yet) after finishing a jar.

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

With exposing my skin to dirty air on a regular basis (from the aircon in the office), I was in a hunt of finding intense moisturising creams that would give me that oh-so-hydrated face without it looking greasy. I stumbled upon this one in my research, it’s gel consistency is lightweight and friendly toward oilier peeps (me!!), yet still gives that right amount of hydration that I need. I used this one especially during the mornings before I start my make-up regime and let me tell you, makeup goes on so much better on hydrated skins so never, ever, neglect moisturisers!

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