How I Try To Make My New Habits Stick

We are rolling into the third week of January and it seems that people around me are still pretty determined to make good life changes. The gyms are still full, the offices are full of 9pm and the queues at the salad stalls during lunch time are still long! Bravo, and keep doing what you are doing, everyone!

Creating new habits or, resolutions, are steps that we want to make and change ourselves positively but for most of us, they normally fade away by the time February slides in. Despite so, there are ways for us to keep track of these new habits and eventually make them part of our lives! Scroll down to see various ways that have helped me anchor my new habits down and made me a better individual. Try them out and see if it helps you too!

Start with one at a time. Establishing many changes in our lives could get overwhelming and hard for us to keep track on our progress to change positively. I would suggest, starting with one habit first. Say this year, I would like to work on getting to work earlier and setting aside more time to work out.  I would focus on getting used to waking up 30 mins earlier than I used to first, which could then eventually give me time to get a quick workout before work!

Set reminders on your phone. Phone reminders have helped me get in check with my progress over the years. I would use my Sunday nights to plan out the week ahead, setting reminders to my work out sessions, the times to get off my phone (great if you are trying to reduce screentime like me), schedule quality time with friends & family and so on. Of course, you would also need to have discipline and actually do these events and not disregard these reminders, or they won’t help you at all.

Take baby steps – slow and steady on the progress! While we are determined to make these huge changes in our lives, changing drastically won’t work. Believe me, I have tried it many times before. Baby steps definitely make the change less painful and it can help with progress better. Last year, I was determined to wake up at 6am instead of 630am. How I did it was that I set my alarm 5 mins earlier every single week, and within 3 months, my body clock automatically starts at 6am!

Work it with a friend.  I find this tip works best especially when my friends and I  have the same fitness goals that we would like to meet together. If you guys would like to eat healthier, a good way to do so is to source out healthier options, food places and  do healthy food swaps. You can also work together to look into fun fitness classes together, it is definitely more fun to go with a friend! It is also harder for the goal to fade away if you are not alone.

Reward yourself at different milestone made. While the progress for change can be long and daunting, it is important to celebrate every milestone made. It may be weird to celebrate the progress of waking up early etc, but it could help you keep focus and make you feel good about yourself.

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