3 Things I’ve Added To My January To Do List!

It is the first week of January and the people around me are busy to already make their 2018 count, myself included. I’ve been trying to get into the office earlier, determined to get my work-out sessions done three times in a week and controlling my calories intake every day! Apart from that, I have also done my yearly purging; thrown away old make-up & skin care and setting aside clothes that I do not need to donate. Reducing the clutter & embracing minimalism early in the year is definitely a good way to start afresh!

To make this month worthwhile, below are the things that I hope to get done too!

Sharing tips on how to make your habits stick. Developing habits don’t happen overnight; it is all about taking baby steps and January is a good month to start. Well, of course, the most basic thing about habits is that you simply gotta do it and don’t push it away for next time. Look out for my post on that next weekend!

Curating a solid set of both makeup & skincare for the year. Every time a new year rolls in, I would always rummage through my pile of makeup & skin care to see which ones I could throw away or keep. It is also a good time to curate solid sets of skin care & make up for the year; filled with products that you know works well with your skin and preference at this point in time. I will also be sharing more later this month on my selected products to start with in 2018!

Incorporating more fruits & veg into my meals. This is a bit of a difficult step for me personally as I do not usually consider healthy food (aka leafy vegs & fruits) in my daily meals. However, as I grow older and slowly learn on my preferences for healthy food, it is a bit easier for me to make healthier options when I eat. Let’s do this!

What are the things that you want to work on this month?

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