Goodbye 2017! Things That I Am Grateful For & Looking Forward For 2018

It’s a gloomy last day for last day of 2017 and it is absolutely perfect to just stay in bed with  a good cup of teh. Apart from that, it is also good to take a moment for oneself, reflect on the good things that happened this year and hope that the upcoming year would bring even more joy and meaning to our lives respectively.

As i sat here with my steaming hot cup of tea and wrapped up in the coziest jacket, these are the things that i am grateful for this year.

  1. Still having the love and support of a pretty solid family.
  2. To add as a bonus, the company of a wonderful partner; my confidant.
  3. Travelled to three new places; Ho Chin Minh, Hong Kong & Yogyakarta.
  4. A job that provides me stability in life.
  5. To be present with happy moments of friends  & families ; be it for engagements, weddings, birthdays etc.
  6. Severed no ties with friends, able to strengthened bonds and be closer
  7. For the mistakes i made, they help me grew into a better individual.
  8. The new opportunities in work; shows that they have faith in me & my ability to grow as a working individual.
  9. The chances to try something new and out of my comfort zone; taught me that the only thing that limits me is myself.
  10. This one is a random but – my increasing tolerance for toddlers & kids! With my friends that already have children, I have learnt how to handle & talk to them properly.

With 2017 in the rear window and 2018 coming forward,  I hope to take this as a chance to improve on myself such as:

  1. Commit more time & self discipline for health
  2. Taking the chance to learn more about Islam, be it through books & classes
  3. To work more on time management and prioritising whichever is important
  4. To be more serious, career-wise and give my 100% always
  5. To work more on the blog, be it for content & exposure

What are your goals for the coming year?

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