The Yogyakarta Guide

The scenic views, the culture, the awesome activities……. TAKE ME BACK.

It has been a week since I was completely immersed into the arms of Djokja (Yogyakarta) and it completely blew me away in the most awesome-est way possible. This trip was not a laid back one, on most days we were out in the wee hours in the morning….there was one time where we had only start with only four hours of sleep! But it is time & place like this when you should just – go jer.  There were five of us and it was definitely a power group; we looked out for one another, we pushed each other to try new things during this trip and ugh, I miss them all already.

Planning to head over to Djokja too? Read on below, I will share with you the activities we did, the place we stayed and the places we ate! Djokja is definitely an affordable destination IMO and you only need a week (or for me, 5 days) to fall completely in love with it. One note of caution though, be sure you are dressed comfortably and wear the right type of shoes! I thought my Vans could suffice, but boyyyy was i wrong. I have never slipped and fell so many times in my life.


With only five days in Djokja, we filled them up to the brim with back-to-back activities! I would suggest engaging a driver and share with him your itinerary before the trip. He would be the best person to know the routes and definitely make sure that you cover everything in your list before heading home.  Here are the top things we did, and you must make sure to include in your list too!

Visiting the Borobodour Temple

Get on a jeep up the Mount Merapi

Go on a gondola ride at Timang Beach!

Visit the insta-worthy Imogiri Pine Forest

Explore within the Jomblang Cave to search for Heaven’s Light

Drift down the lazy river at Gua Pindul

Dip into the culture by visiting Sultan Palace and Taman Sari!


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Our accommodation for the trip this time round was a complete dream. We figured that we need a proper place to sleep after a hard day, and so we decided to go with Greenhost Boutique Hotel. This place is beautiful, with tons of greenery, a decent room with great beds and syiok bathrooms – just what we need to unwind. They also provided spa & massage services, in which I made use of on the last day! Fantastic end for the trip indeed. We booked a standard twin room via Agoda. Might i add, their service during our stay was fantastic. We come back every day with a clean room even when we didn’t put on the “please tidy our room” tag at the door! Would definitely come back again.


Apart from the awesome outdoor activities, Djokja is a haven for food as well. Food are named differently here but it was easy to identify what is which. We had a great range of variety during our trip – fresh lobsters and seafood (!!!) at a home near Timang Beach, Nasi Kuching (small portion of rice + sides) by the roads in Malioboro, grilled chicken and rice in a paddy field near the Borobodour Temple and good ol’ indomie. Even the food from Greenhost Boutique Hotel‘s room service was gooood. 

All in all, i would definitely say that Djokja is an affordable destination with great outdoor activities and scenic views! I hope this blog post would be the final push you need to buy that flight ticket to Djokja.

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