5 Tips To Make Your Next Trip More Smoother

Say bye-bye to airport meltdowns….

Good morning from Changi Airport! This time round, i will be heading to Yogyakarta with a good friend of mine, filled with so many adventurous trips & culture to dip ourselves into. The trip was sort of impromptu (would you say three months to be so?) but we are so proud on how we could fill the next five days with tons of activities. Fancy a trip to Yogyakarta too but no idea where to start? Look out for a guide post coming your way sometime next week! I will include details like our accommodation, activities and also yummy places to eat during our stay.

After many years of exploring to different cities, i too,  have my fair share of airport tragedies. Thats what make trips memorable, and they would definitely help prepare you to ensure that you won’t repeat the same mistakes again on the next trip. I have definitely learnt this mistakes the hard way, especially when it happens on foreign land. Here are some ways that definitely turn down the airport stress a notch…..

Using a packing checklist (and pack it in too!). I GENUINELY LOVE PACKING. If i could start a “luggage packing services” for anyone with a set of good packing cubes at hand, i definitely would. Nothing like fitting the packing cubes nicely in a luggage…. ugh, like a pro at Tetris. Some people like listing down their packing list manually, while i on the other hand, love listing it all on my Notepad app. It can also help minimising your chances of forgetting an item, especially when you are packing for home.

Always pack in a tote bag. I cannot stress how handy it is to include a totebag. Need to put in your dirty clothes? Totebag. Need a beach bag? Totebag, again. Also,  when you had an unexpected explosion in your luggage from the liquids, a tote bag can help save it from spreading to your other items like your clothes & electronics!

Make your own travel guidebook. When you start planning out your trip, you would definitely be overwhelmed by recommendations from family and friends! Collate them all together with your own research, and set a side an afternoon to see how it can fit into your time in the city. I find this tip super helpful, this way i would not be dumbfounded with what to do and i know that no day during my trip will go to waste. Fill it with places to visit per day, restaurants to try and don’t forget to include details like their addresses & specific prices.

Keep your essentials in hand luggage/ backpack.  For long flights, the idea of  having a fresh set of clothes, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste is absolutely divineeeeee. Always include them in your hand luggage, just in case.

Prep your own “entertainment”. Never underestimate a delay. I once had to sit through a 24 hour delay!  It was definitely a painful & tiring experience. Thankfully, i had back up movies & youtube videos on my ipad mini to fill my time then. If you don’t fancy screen time, you can always prep proper reading materials like magazines & books.

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