3 Things To Add To My December To Do List!

Yay, it’s finally December! I love this time of year – the Christmas lights are up, works slow down and everyone is more chilled, more relaxed. I don’t celebrate the holidays, but something about the decorations & the musics, just simply put me in a better mood. It is also a good time to catch up with friends, families & colleagues before we reign in the new year. It is also a good time to self-reflect; what are the good things that happened to you this year? What lessons have you learnt to help you be a better individual compared to you last year? What have you accomplished? Don’t neglect the small victories too –  they add up and can definitely make your 2017 great.

Last month has been wonderful – i have kicked up my fitness, read more books & planned on my upcoming trip! Fancy a read before proceeding below? Hop on here : 3 Things To Add To My November To Do List!  

This is also my last monthly to-do list before 2018! As it is my last, i would definitely want to make the most of it before we embrace the new year – here are the things that i have added to my to-do list for the month of December.

Traveling to Yogyakarta. Everyone’s flying off somewhere and that includes me as well! Since last month, i have finally curated the best itinerary for my upcoming Yogya trip – filled with thrilling adventures and immersing into culture! Do look out for a Yogya guide sometime this month where i would share with you on the accommodation, places to explore and eat!

Sharing more travel-related topics with you. Apart from the Yogya trip, i will be making small trips throughout the month. In addition to the Yogya guide, do also look out for other travel related posts here! One of them will be to share on various ways to make your trips smoother.

Having a “Treat Yo Self” moment! I always find rewarding yourself with something good at the end of the year, can help make up the shitty moments throughout the year. Is there something you want to get for yourself but never had the courage to splurge for? Go get it, it doesn’t hurt to reward yourself well once in a while!

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