Health & Fitness Apps That I Currently Love!

I used to treat fitness apps same as game apps on my phone; minimal to non-existent.

However, after losing weight from fasting during Ramadhan (yay!), i decided to peruse the Apple store and see what it has to offer; fitness wise. Nowadays, there are so many choices to choose for, catering to various aspects of health & fitness from sleep monitoring to period tracking to specialised work out plans! If you don’t have the time, the equipment – don’t worry, there is definitely a fitness app that can cater for you.

Personally, I am looking for something that can help monitor my calories intake per day and a workout plan that can cater to my busy (& lazy) schedule! So after many months of trying out various health & fitness apps, i finally found these three below that works best for my lifestyle.

Myfitnesspal. I aim to keep my calories intake below 1500 per day and with the huge food database that this app has, it is definitely easy to keep track of the food i eat. It comes with a barcode scanner that can help log food as well. Apart from food, it can help keep track of your water intake and the workouts you do for the week. There are also about 50+ workout apps & devices that can connect to your Myfitnesspal account and sync in the calories burnt – awesome!

Mapmywalk. As mentioned above, myfitnesspal can sync with various workout apps & devices – mapmywalk is one of them. This app is my favourite especially when i need to keep track on my speed & distance during my long walks! After every session, it would log in your results and sync in the amount of calories you burnt while walking into your myfitnesspal account, for your easy fitness tracking. Oh how I love it when fitness gets convenient.

Seven. This one is for all my busy bees – looking for quick & effective workouts to fit into your almost-impossible schedules? Seven will be the right one for you – it is effective, you can use this to work out anywhere & anytime, no need for equipment! You will just need to set your goal & fitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest. My advice to you – never underestimate a seven minute session! It is meant to be brutal & effective, so you can burn off alot for a short period of time. Even so, have fun!

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