My Hijabi- Friendly Fitness Kit and Where You Can Get Them!

In my 3 Things To Add To My November To Do List!  post last week, i mentioned that i would like to share more on my fitness journey and how it is possible to slip fitness into our lives especially when you are a fellow hijabi like me. I’m not too sure if i’m the only one who feels this way, but it was a bit harder for me to keep up with my fitness regime since i start donning the hijab. The idea of being covered head to toe in Singapore’s no-mercy weather simply turned my motivation off and it was hard to adapt!

Eventually, not exercising enough had a toll on my health and i knew that i HAD TO include fitness in my life somehow. So after two years, i finally found a settlement with my fitness regime which includes my fitness essentials, preferred locations to work out and how many times i set aside to exercise every week. I have also managed to scout the best places for affordable (and cute!) hijabi -friendly gym clothes to keep me motivated.

Nowadays, i make sure that i work out three times a week, an hour session each. I am lucky that my office has two decent looking gyms and with them, i can easily squeeze in these three sessions either during lunch or after work. Trying to make this possible is tricky indeed but it is definitely possible.

So whenever i decide to work out, i would bring these essentials with me. I have also included links, in case you want to check them out as well!

Tops + Gym pants

Gym clothes can get notoriously expensive, so i tend to get my whole fitness attire from Decathalon. They have everything under one roof, and whine it no more, because it is so freakin‘ affordable. Apart from being so cheap, their apparel lasts too. I am still alternating the two same black gym pants i wear weekly for almost two years now. Top-wise, their selection is fantastic and caters for both genders. Personally, i love wearing looser fit clothes while i work out and Decathalon has definitely been my go-to place for my workout needs. Also, if you can’t go to their physical store, just head over to their site! They deliver their products pretty quickly as well. Now, you go no excuse to look less-cute in the gym 😉

Proper gym shoes 

Having proper support on your feet, no matter how strenuous your workout can get, is important. So when i have to choose one item that i would splurge on, it would definitely be on a proper pair of sport shoes. I’ve had my Adidas Pureboost Shoes for almost a year and is definitely an essential in my fitness kit. These shoes are designed to respond to how a women’s foot moves through the gait cycle and the floating arch hugs my foot and supports every step, from touch down to push off. Definitely a great pair for both running and working out at the gym!

Jersey material scarf 

I have yet to find the ideal instant hijab for my fitness wear, but now jersey scarves from Poplook will suffice. It is waterproof, lasting quality (mine lasts for 2 years so far!) , opaque and stays in place! So good that i bought them in three different colours ; black, navy and grey. It is cheap too, at RM39/ approx SGD$13 a pop.  Want to give them a try?Head over here : Poplook’s jersey scarves.

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