It’s Sunday And You Deserve A Break….

A real break, i mean.

These days whenever i meet my friends and the question of  “How are you doing?” comes up, the standard answer will always be “ugh, so busy!”. Weekends sometimes don’t feel like proper weekends anymore, we sometimes bring back work to do over the weekend (yours truly guilty), weddings to attend, freelancing and so much more. Even though we strive to make the most out of the weekend, but since it has been a long week and we all deserve a good & genuine break, here are some ideas before a fresh new week comes in…….

Go on long morning walks. I know how waking up early on a weekend might sound undesirable but nothing like a good walk in the park with fresh air in your lungs. It clears the head, check in a few more thousand steps in your Fitbit and with the extra calories burnt, you can indulge a bit more that day! Personally, i would reserve my Sunday mornings (preferably as early as 7am)  for my morning wanders with my mom.  We would usually complete 7 km in 1 hour & complete the walk with a good cold cup of soya milk on the way home.

Book a ticket at your nearest cinema.  A movie ticket might be expensive but it could definitely give the break we need. These days there are so many good options to consider from blockbusters to foreign films! As for myself, i am already booking myself for a date with Thor next week at the cinema. Can’t wait!

Indulge in a good book. If movies are not your thing, try reading! Go to the library, enjoy the silence and pick out a few books to bring back home. Try whatever that tickles your fancy… be it fantasy, contemporary, self-help, autobiographies! I am currently reading “They Both Died In The End” by Adam Silvera, a book about two guys, who just got informed by a platform called the Death Cast that they would die that day. So with the last day that they have, they found one another and go on their last adventures before…. dying in the end. Many have read and raved highly on it! Give the book a try if you have not! I am currently halfway and it is so good.

Rewatch your favourite TV series. We all have series that we loved and rewatched so many times  – mine’s The Office. I rarely rewatch TV series but The Office is my kryptonite. Watch something that makes you feel good inside, something that would give you a good distraction. I would recommend going for something light and not mind-blowing such as Friends, How I Meet Your Mother and Parks & Rec!


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