My First Bridesmaid Experience : Things I’ve Learnt!

My Bridesmaid's experience!

I am never a fan of weddings.

Whenever my folks ask me to tag along for weddings of people i do not know, i would always dig deep into my bag of excuses so that i do not have to follow. I would hate the food, hate the music for being too loud when i eat or hate making empty conversations with people that i do not know very well. Yikes, too much hatred in a single sentence, eh?

Despite so, I am a bit forgiving when i have to actually attend wedding of people that i DO KNOW. I also love the chance of being able to doll up – picking up a nice dress, wear abit more make-up than the usual and selecting the best pair of heels to put on that day.

So this year, i got the chance to be a bridesmaid! For the first time. At 25. Some would giggle at this fact and there are people i know who have had multiple opportunities this year alone. Well, there is a start for everything and this one is mine. Here’s what i learnt from my experience!

Never be late. This time round, i am super lucky that the wedding reception is a two minutes away from where i live! But even so, i still arrived 10 mins later because i would always underestimated myself. Always try to reach early, you might never know when the bride would need your help. Weddings can be very overwhelming, so you need to be there for the bride/groom whenever, whatever.

Always go for comfort – flat shoes for the win!  I personally would never opt for heels in any kind of wedding. Well, except for mine of course. As a bridesmaid, you wear many hats, and being a runner is one of them. You need to follow the bride around, run errands (before & during the wedding), participate in bridal photoshoots and so much more. After my bridesmaid experience, i would never imagine to do all that in heels. Major salute to those who are able to!

Be a side hostess. Generally, the parents & relatives of the wedding couple would help with major hosting of the guests during the wedding. As a bridesmaid, you can help guiding these guest to these relatives, encouraging them to eat and also taking photos with the wedding couple. Side hosting has also prepared me to create better empty conversations too!

Be ready to combat the weather. With Singapore’s unpredictable weather (we experienced both rain & shine on both days), it is advisable to prep yourself with the right tools to ensure that you yourself remain presentable throughout the reception.  Personally, i would make sure that i keep these essentials in my purse – a manual fan, a packet of tissues, blotting papers & a lipstick.

Look out for one another. With so many things to do, we had to make sure that everyone had their breaks throughout the events. Take shifts, inform each other on your whereabouts and help to perform each other’s tasks.

Got other tips for bridesmaids too? Share below!


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