3 Things To Add In My October To Do List!

What a whirlwind October has been so far! We are almost half way  and i am knee deep with stuff that i have planned for the month. This means that we are also nearing the holiday season, and i have brewed up so many plans for traveling, meet ups and celebrations with friends & family! So here’s what i am up to this month…..

Dipping my toe into podcasts. | I was not a fan of podcasts until i listened to The Heart of It by Estee Lalonde. I have been a huge fan of Estee for close to four years already, and when she announced that she will be starting up a podcast channel, i figured that it is time for me to try out this foreign-like media platform. In her podcast, she discussed about today’s important topics like feminism, protest etc. Each episode is about 40 mins long, perfect for commute rides! My favourite was when she discussed make-up and the evolution of make-up throughout the generations.

Want to try podcast as well? Try out to The Heart Of It by Estee Lalonde here : here

Embracing October Weddings. \  I don’t get much wedding invites, but as the years go, they increases. This month alone, i had two. TWO! As someone who don’t tend to follow the parents to weddings of people i don’t know, i would say this is a personal consecutive record. Out of the two, i even managed to be a bridesmaid for one of them and i have to say, it was a great experience. TIRING but great! It was a learning experience for me, i learnt more about the wedding process, the adab & adat, gather more contacts (bridal, catering, photography/videography etc) and so much more!

Earning more money instead of spending itRecently, i had this idea to start decluttering my stuff and selling them via Carousell. This is because i realised that i have a shopping problem in which whenever i am bored at home, my fingers would automatically tap to the first online store  and eventually spend on things that i thought i would need. So, with Carousell, i set a goal every weekend to make at most $50 out of selling my old stuff that i do not need anymore! I sold my stuff at dirt cheap prices – malay novels at $2 each, tops/ dresses/ pants at $10 each. Decluttering and making money at the same time? Yes please!

Visit my carousell store here : here

What are you up to this October?

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