How Using A Planner Helped Boost My Productivity!

I love to plan. I love listing stuff, irregardless of their importance. I love filling my days and the satisfaction of a well-planned time helps me stay sane. School played a major part in instilling the planning habit in me, they would provide us with handbooks for us to plan our school weeks, listing down homework etc. So with that habit, i brought it along with me during my poly and university years and it has helped me a lot in planning my time well and prioritising my tasks properly.

However, i stopped this habit after graduating as there’s nothing much to plan in the first place, as my days would generally consist of just work and time spent at home. I don’t meet my friends as often anymore but when i do, i would just key it in the calendar app on my iphone.

Up till recently, i began to hear about bullet journaling and how it has helped especially for people my age. The whole breakdown of bullet journaling is still complicated to me even after watching so many videos on it, but it was enough of a small push to help me get started on planning my time properly once again. So i made a quick trip to Megafash, got the most practical, good looking planner (the one in the above picture was the winner)  i could find and started planning! I have been planning properly for two months now and it feels great. If you need a bit of a final kick to start planning, below are some tips for you!

Get the right planner. What do you need in a planner? A yearly view? Monthly? Daily? Do you need a few lined pages to jot down various notes too? So take your time to browse through the planners and see which ones serves the best for you.

During my trip to Megafash, the planner that i chose consisted on all three views; yearly, monthly and daily. The size of the planner is also paramount, i would not want it to be heavy and bulky as i would likely bring it everywhere with me on a daily basis.

Find its purpose. It is important to know what is your main purpose for the planner. Some people would need to keep track for major life projects like weddings, schedule for their kids etc. Others just want to keep track their social commitments and events while others want to keep track on their goals on health, happiness and so much more.

As for myself,  my planner is mainly used for life & social (birthdays, meals with friends etc) appointments, health (food intake/ workouts/ sleep etc) and financial ($$$ breakdowns, saving goals etc) tracking! Apart from these main ones, planning blog posts has definitely been easier and helped me avoid going on a blog rut as i would tend to know what post that i have planned to write on a specific week.

Use it everyday. All you need is a few minutes at the beginning of the day to write down your future appointments, tracking of various progresses. Once this habit is properly cultivated, you can see your productivity level go off the roof! 

Embrace Colour Coding! Washi-washi tapes, highlighters, coloured pens! These are the things to help me alert on important events, keep track of my progresses and gives me some sort of a visual representation on how my year has been going.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

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