3 Things To Add To My September To Do List!

Happy September!

Whilst i still set aside time for family & friends as per usual, i think it would be great to make time for myself too. Hence, below are some of the things i hope to accomplish for myself this month!

Learn about film photography| I have heard about film photography and am always in awe on how the photos would always turn out. So, me being a photography enthusiast with no experience at all, recently decided to get myself an old film camera to play and try out!

If you are also interested to learn about film photography and the films used but not willing to commit to a proper film camera just yet, download the app VSCO and look out for “VSCO X”. This is a paid subscription of ~$26 per year and it would give you access to all of the (~100) VSCO filters especially for those used in film photography such as Kodak, Fujifilm and Illford. Definitely worth the subscription if you are an photo edit junkie like me!

Try to read 4 novels in a month| I have been slacking on my readings lately, and it’s definitely not something that i would want to continue doing. For the past few months, i have been watching “Booktubers” (people who review on books etc) on Youtube with their TBRs (To Be Read) and Wrap-Ups. The amount of books they read per month and how passionate they are to set aside time to read, definitely sparked some motivation in me and i hope i can get back on the reading grind, slowly but surely.

As of now, i am currently reading ………

  1. Snow like Ashes by Sara Raach [Goodreads link]
  2. Nightfilm by Marissa Pessl [Goodreads link]
  3. Rooms by Lauren Oliver [Goodreads Link]

New TV Shows to catch up!| With Game Of Thrones done and dusted, i thought it would be a good time to try out new TV shows.  September and October are also months when most of my favourite shows will be returning, like Riverdale, Grey’s Anatomy etc. Bring them on, i can’t wait!

August has also been a great month for me in terms of TV shows, here are some that i finished recently!

  1. The Mist – This series revolves around a small town, where a mist suddenly comes and with it, are monsters as well. These monsters will kill whoever that comes into the mist and the residents there will have to come together and figure out how to survive it. This series is really gripping throughout, but it can get gory as well. Give this one a try if you got the feels for thrills! This series currently has 10 episodes, approx 45 mins each and you can find it on Netflix.
  2. Atypical – I love a decent TV show that teaches you about diversity and the challenges that come with it. In this case, it taught me about how people with Autism deals with life in general, such as growing up, falling in love etc. The main protagonist, Sam, is a lovable character and we go thru with him a phase in his life when he starts to fall in love, especially in a high school setting. Heartwarming series with many funny & sad moments, i hope it gets the second season! Definitely recommended if you are looking for something light hearted. This series currently have 8 episodes, 30 mins each and you can also find it on Netflix.
  3. Westworld – Westworld is a form of a themepark, but it is not an ordinary one. This place contain realistic hosts with different narratives for visitors to enjoy but it’s not a walk in the park. Awful things happen in and out of the Westworld theme park and despite not being a sci-fi junkie, the story line is interesting enough (for me, at least) to stay till the end of the season! This season has 10 episodes, 45-50 mins each.

Got any good TV shows to recommend? Feel free to share them below!

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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