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It has been a week since i came back from Hong Kong! Despite the stay being short, we definitely had a good time, exploring new ground and food. I have gotten requests to do up a guide post for Hong Kong, so i hope this post will give you the final push to get on that next plane and experience it for yourself!

Unlike my previous trips, i did not prepare and plan for it at all so i could not help to feel a bit anxious. I was also not mentally ready for Hong Kong’s steep hills at all! Definitely could not imagine hiking these hills on a daily basis and it is no wonder that the locals are pretty fit. Be sure to wear good shoes (i’m talking legit sport shoes with good sole supports) when traveling within the city. I wore flats and now regretted it!

Kindly note that my guide below is based on a 4 day trip, and there are waaaay more things that we were not able visit in Hong Kong as we were short of time. Read on below!

How To Get Around

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Despite the many hills, to get around the city was really easy. We bought the Octopus Card from a 7-11 store. a transport card that can be used for both trains and buses (similar to our ez-link cards back home). Hong Kong’s public transport is pretty efficient and we were thoroughly impressed, therefore we used a lot of it during our stay. We rarely took cabs as it can get pretty expensive even though we split the cost among all of us.

Where To Eat 


Thanks to HaveHalalWillTravel’s guide to Hong Kong cuisine, we managed to try a few places to make our travel experience count. Above was the Duck Rice Stall in Wai Kee, selling a plate at $36KHD (~$7 SGD). Didn’t really enjoyed the duck rice as it the meat was too tough. The duck skin was crispy but was too salty. Also, be sure to bring your own water as they don’t serve any, apart from yellow tea. But hey ho, when you travel to a place where halal food is limited, you take what you can get right?

Address:  No 5, Cooked Food Centre, 1st Floor, Bowrington Road Market, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Inside a food centre)


Chicken On The Run was a gem located near our airbnb, along Hollywood Road. At this franchise, they sell whole grilled chickens, pastas, salads, rice and so much more! Perfect when you want to have good variety when eating with friends. They are pretty good and affordable, one of our best food finds during our stay.

Address:  69 Hollywood Road, near Jamia Masjid.

Where to Explore

Disneyland. Can you believe that this is my first trip to Disneyland? Nevertheless, i still enjoyed the rides, the mascots, the parade and the fireworks (!!!) at the end. We dedicated a day to Disneyland alone and i am glad we did. Long queues were unavoidable (but fast) and there were even halal food options within the park itself! We covered almost every ride, stalked almost all the mascots and had a jolly good time. The fireworks. I couldn’t help but to sing every song shamelessly with other strangers and even shed a tear or two because i could not believe the moment i was in, at that point of time.  An unforgettable moment, that i would never forget. My very first Disneyland experience <3

The Victoria Peak.  We scheduled for The Peak on our last day in Hong Kong and i am so grateful that we went on such a beautiful and clear day. As it is a tourist attraction, expect long lines especially from 5pm onwards as many would want to catch the sunset then! My friends and I went around 2pm and it was decently crowded. The journey up the peak at 45 degree incline was a bit terrifying especially if you have a fear of heights. Nevertheless, the journey was worth it as the view of Hong Kong at the top is so breathtaking that it is hard to forget. Be sure to add The Peak into your itinerary if you wish to visit Hong Kong! Definitely a must-go.

Nan Lian Garden. I frankly never heard of such garden before and went one of my friends bought us here, i could not helped but to gape everywhere in awe. Despite it being very hard to enjoy as it was scorchingly hot and i was wearing black the entire way, the beauty of the garden definitely something i would not forget! The garden was huge filled with lakes, waterfalls and plants of different species for us to appreciate and learn. If you are looking to squeeze in nature into your Hong Kong itinerary, do also give Nan Lian Garden a chance!

My two final travel tips are to plan your days carefully and to always ensure that your necessary payment transactions for things like tickets or check-in baggages have already been processed even before your trip begins. We had many hiccups during the Hong Kong trip and will treat them as lessons for us to take caution when we plan for the next.

On to the next trip, in shaa Allah!

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