3 Things I Am Adding To My August To Do List!

How is this year already whizzing past? We are almost on the last quarter of the year! Even so, i hope your year has been wonderful so far.

I am writing this post with a cup of teh in hand, mentally prepping myself for an awesome weekend in Hong Kong with some of my best girls in a few hours! What a great way to start August, travelling to somewhere entirely new. This month will also be filled with many birthdays, especially Singapore’s on the 9th! Bring on the celebrations, bring on the holidays, bring on the cakes!

How is your August looking so far? Here are some of my plans in which i hope it would make my August to be even more “lit”!

Explore Hong Kong | I am heading to Hong Kong in a few hours and am definitely excited for this trip despite the short time we have! Excited to finally see the gorgeous airbnb that we booked for our stay, ticking off places in our itinerary and trying out all the (halal) dimsum we can find! Will definitely try to do up a Hong Kong post filled with my recommendations (food + places + transport) once i return.

Packing light for this trip is also a mind boggling challenge, especially when i tried to fit all my essentials that i need for the four days. Nevertheless, i did it! Learnt various packing hacks during the process, interested to know them? Let me know and i whip out a post on it!

Majulah Singapura with family & friends| Thankfully, i will be back home in time for Singapore’s 52nd birthday, so that means a chance to make plans with family and friends! Be it BBQ by the beach, or catching the NDP at home, count me in.

New halal eating spots? Count me in! | August is also a month filled with birthdays, and this means opportunities to try out new food places! Some of the new places that i am itching to try are Omoomodon  (a new Japanese/ Korean place) and The Halia (an atas restaurant that just got certified halal! perhaps a new dating place? Hehe! ) .

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