Worked Hard All Week? Here Are Ways To Relax…

I have reached a point in my career life where i would require to bring my work laptop home sometimes – a habit that i am trying VERY hard not to adopt because i am very strict when it comes to ensuring a work/life balance. However, with bosses thinking it is ok to add your work load as a form of good “exposure” (which i find utter bullshit anyway), i cannot help but to feel guilty if i do not finish my work nicely at the end of the week.

Despite all the hard work you did throughout the week, remember that it is very important to take a break! This is to prevent burnt-out and i feel that it is paramount to ensure balance for ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. Also, a good break could help you rev up for the upcoming week! Below are some of my favourite ways to take a chill pill properly, especially during my weekends.

Treat yourself to something good. This could be anything – from booking a monthly facial/ massage appointment to a short weekend getaway! It doesn’t have to break the bank at all, you can cook/bake a dish and share it with family and friends. Share the goodness and love, all around <3 This definitely take the mind of work and focus on other important things in life – like you!

TRY to enjoy your weekends/off days. I have friends who are blessed doing what they love and at most times, they feel guilty when they are away from their “work baby” for too long. Being blessed or not, sometimes all we want to do is to waste our weekends away by sleeping or being in bed all day. However, i learn that it is more fulfilling to get up early in the morning, have a stroll around the neighbourhood for fresh air and arranging time with friends and family after!

Set aside time to explore! As we all know, the weekends can just go by like *that*. Don’t waste it! Go out and explore, try new things and meet new people. I am blessed living in sunny Singapore where there is something new to check out every single week! Grab your bae, grab your friends & family, grab your cats and  arrange to explore these new spots to make the weekends worthwhile.

Immerse yourself into a whole new world. On weekends when i am not inclined to go out and explore, i would grab a book and try to finish it within the two days. If reading is not your cuppa tea, perhaps a movie would be better! Hmmm, maybe i should set aside time for Dunkirk and Baby Driver this weekend? Sounds good!

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