Things I Am Adding To My July To-Do List!

As shocked as the next person would definitely be, but how is it July already? I am already tummy-deep with Eid visitings and am trying my best to see everyone before the month ends. June has been wonderful, we celebrated ibu’s birthday (50!!) and discovered many little gems within the sunny island of Singapore. We also finalised our main details for the upcoming Hong Kong trip this coming August! Can’t wait to finally take some time off and fly to some place new…

This month, there are many things to look forward to! Ain’s finally returning back home next week after a looong trip to Glasgow/ London. Days within the month have also been set aside for raya visiting with different group of friends and i can’t wait, especially for the food! Apart from all these, i have added the below and hope that it could make my month more awesome:

Going for long distance brisk walking every weekend. I have decided to ditch running temporarily and opt for walking long distance, especially during the weekends. Walking has allowed me to appreciate my surroundings better, especially in the morning. Furthermore, it gives my mind a break after a long hard week at work. To make the cardio count, i would suggest walking briskly and at a long distance as well. Be sure to carry a water bottle as well, because the heat (even in the mornings) can be unforgiving!

Trying out new make-up, yay! With Ain being in Europe and my friends using Vpost to order stuff from the US, i tap-tap  on their “delivery services” and ordered a couple of make-up that are not available in Singapore such as Charlotte Tillbury and Colourpop! (oooh) Can’t wait to try them – if they are any good, i might review them on a separate blog post!

More Instagram, yes? If you have been following my instagram, you would have probably noticed that i have been posting of random things that i come across through out my day such as a flower tower that i come across during my errand run and also a paddle pop sky! I have been using my Olympus camera more for my photos now and am loving the extra oomph quality that it gives compared to a shot taken from the phone alone.  Do follow my instagram if you have not – the preview panel can be found on the side of my blog!

How are you making your July more awesome?

Photo by on Unsplash

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