Farewell Ramadhan : My Take-aways From The Holy Month

Eid Mubarak! It’s finally the first day of Syawal, alhamdulillah. I hope your day has been wonderful with the company of your loved ones. I am currently writing this post, after a scrumptious family breakfast, prepared by my mom and I.

We bid farewell to Ramadhan last evening and the feeling was bittersweet. Bitter, because something good has definitely gone by and we won’t know if we would be able to welcome it again next year. Sweet, because of the victory that we have set upon ourselves for this special holy month, be it personal or together as an ummah. Ramadhan, personally for me, has been tiring yet wonderful and i would definitely want to go through everything again, in a heartbeat. Looking back, I have listed down a couple of take-aways from the holy month, in which i hope will help me improve as an individual….

Family time is important. With my younger sister gone during most part of Ramadhan and Eid, i thought that it would good if i make effort to maximise time with the family especially being home for iftar and attending terawih sessions.  During my volunteering session at an old folks home mid this month, the wonderful ladies there would share the many distinct memories that they have during the younger days, which include the times they spent with their family during Eid. Everything they did together, from the prayers to the petty quarrels they have around the dining table. After our short yet meaningful encounter that evening, i self-reflected and made a point to myself to always put in effort to be with family.

Never be afraid to try something new. This year’s Ramadhan has given me the opportunity to spend an evening at an old folks home. I, for one, am a shy lady, so to speak and mingle to new people (especially when they are old), is a bit difficult for me.  However, the ladies over at the home are wonderful, so positive, so inspiring! During our short time that evening, they shared with us their fondest memories especially with their families as mentioned above. In addition to their stories, they slipped in pearls of wisdoms, reminding us youths to cherish what we have and to always be grateful no matter how dark our days can be. I pray that today, they are with their loved ones, having a happy Eid, in shaa Allah.

Goals are easy to crush, if you are determined! Before Ramadhan, i set a goal to get at least 20 terawihs done for the month, be it in the mosque or at home. Alhamdulillah, with constant self cheering and with the company of ibu, i did it! The feeling of accomplishment especially once Ramadhan was really awesome, it made me feel like i made use of the time pretty well *self pat in the back*. So maybe, 25 nights next year? Qiyam? Ermmmmm, i think about it later ok? Let’s just enjoy Eid for now, hee.

Photo Cred: Ian Schneider

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