Capture & Post That Shot – My Favourite Mobile Photography Apps!

I’ve gotten the Instagram bug for as long as i remember! Some people use the platform to share their life experiences while others take it as an opportunity to showcase their creativity skills through pictures – i am the latter. I love creating certain moods to different pictures, playing around with filters and upgrade my photography skills one way or another.

Personally, i love taking portrait photos of my family and friends. I get excited when the photos I take have a certain depth or “bokeh” which gives my subject the extra focus it needs. Apart from portrait photos, i too love taking landscape, especially when i travel! So generally, most of the photo apps that i use, cater more to such type of photos. I do not usually use enhancing photos editors such as Afterlight or Facetune as i rarely take selfies.

There are indeed many great mobile photography apps out there and I am sure everyone have their personal favourites. Below are mine!


VSCO. This to me, is a filter haven. I am sure, everyone and their mother (including mine) would have used this photography app at some point. There are tons of filters that will definitely suit everyone’s taste! I have tried tons of them in the past and now have a specific set of filters that i would generally lean more towards to. I personally love having clean, bright, cool photos so i would normally use these filters – HB1, HB2 and A6. The ability to correct the photos further after selecting your desired filters such as the brightness & the tint is also possible, which I am extremely grateful for!


Lightroom. I would use this app if i need a bit oomph to my editing, such as a punch to the colours in the photo or to “level up” on the HD. I only got to know about Lightroom back in 2014 and back then, they only have the desktop version. However now since they recently released an app version  of the software, i am stoked that i could skipped the step of transferring the edited photos to my phone from my Mac! Love how i could do all my photo editing on a single device..So convenient.


Filmborn. As mentioned above, i would prefer taking landscape and portrait photos. Filmborn fulfils my film dreams – providing filters from Kodak, Fujifilm and Ilford! Film photography can certainly be an expensive hobby, so i turn towards Filmborn to let me have a feel about film photography. It gives my photos a certain character  and i really enjoy the end results it gives!

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