June Shake-up : Things I Am Adding In My To-Do List

Hellooooooooooo June.
Frankly, i never thought i could see June this soon…. But hey ho, hello! This month is hectic one filled with many activities, from night prayers to spending quality iftar time with loved ones trying new places.

Setting aside iftar + terawih time for friends and family

I am really thankful to have family & friends who are determined to meet up for iftar + terawih sessions during Ramadhan! I love seeing my calendar filled of meet-ups with different friends, trying out new restaurants and catching up with each other before Syawal comes. Most of the halal cafes take in reservations during the Ramadhan, so be sure to reserve beforehand to avoid disappointment! Places that i am dying to try out this month are Fatboys, Afterwit and Blue Jasmine.

Volunteering at an aged home

This month, me and a couple of friends organised an evening to spend time helping out at an aged home. Our evening includes cleaning up the home, having iftar with the old folks and so much more. As i rarely have chances like this, i can’t deny that i am excited!

Learn to make a type of kuih or two

With my sister (aka mom’s right hand in the kitchen) gone for her overseas school exchange in Scotland this month, manpower is definitely short in the kitchen. I, for one, have no patience for baking tiny bite sized kuih, but am definitely going to take up the challenge to learn make a type of kuih or two! As i am trying VERY HARD not to be ambitious, i am aiming for something basic such as Pineapple Tarts or Suji Cookies. Let’s hope i don’t burn the kitchen down before Syawal haaaa.

How’s your June like? Share with me! Is there something new that you wish to learn or do this month?

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