Assalamualaikum Ramadhan – Here Are My Top 3 Islamic Reads!

Happy Sunday! If you are currently fasting, Ramadhan Kareem to you. I hope your Ramadhan is currently going well and may this holy month be filled with blessings, reflection and repentance.

Ramadhan is a month where we should try our best to improve ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Personally, i tend to take Ramadhan more seriously as i get older. Out of the many ways for me to make well use of the Ramadhan month is that i would re-read my favourite Islamic books. Need recommendations? Scroll down further!

Letters To A Young Muslim by Omar Saif Gobash // This book comes in a series of letters from the author to his sons, tackling issues such as the definition of a good Islam in today’s modern world, how do we as young muslims, can stand up to those who use the islamic faith for the wrong and using Islam to navigate throughout this complicated world. I am halfway deep through this book and it has earned a special spot in my bookshelf. There are many parts of the books where it has tug on my heartstrings, giving casual reminders and helped me see Islam in a different positive light.

I really liked the part when the author would discuss on “Islam is a religion of peace” a term we consistently see in the media. If Islam is thought as a religion of peace, we should think the religion as an ethical group, rather than a military group. We should handle global matters ethically, not by military tactics and borders. It also should be reflected in our behaviour, in which we have to be calm, disciplined and give attention to the needs of others.

Grab this book when you can, you definitely would not regret it!  – here

Stories of The Prophets //  I personally feel that it is important that we make effort to read and learn about the rest of the prophets and how they made significant contributions to Islam back when they were alive.  This book is written in very simple form in which it is made interesting and easy to understand each and every story. Each story comes with quotes from the Quran which we can refer to and learn further if we wish to.

My favourite is of course, the Story of Adam and Eve.. The beginning of it all!

Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf //  This book dealt with various spiritual diseases of the heart such as hatred, anger, envy etc. Upon discussing on the diseases of the heart, it would come with causes and practical treatments that would benefit me as a muslim individual.

How i would read this book – Personally, i do not think we can read this book as we normally do when we read our novels. Out of the many various diseases of heart discussed in this book, i would pick out ten ( for eg. envy, anger, hatred, negative thoughts) and would paste a stick-on for each issue, so that i could refer to them easily in the future.

You can get a copy here!  – here

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