3 Healthier Habits That I Am Trying To Stick

I believe that adopting to a healthier lifestyle is a step by step journey. It is long, and it can get taxing, but it is good to remember that the body needs to be well taken care of regularly. Remember this – living a healthier lifestyle does not necessarily mean eating healthier & exercising, it is about creating an overall healthier mind and body.

The start of a healthy lifestyle might be a bit overwhelming at first but it is not impossible. It all starts with small changes. For instance, making healthier food choices pose a greater difficulty for me as i have grown to love eating without much thought, throughout my life. So to improve on this, i limit my food portions instead.

If you are personally dealing with weight, stress or lack of motivation, i hope that my personal health changes below can also help you too! I am no where near my weight goal, but i can say, these small changes have definitely made me feel better both physically and emotionally.

Drinking 3 litres of plain water everyday // Before making this change, i use to only drink 5 cups of water per day. This would result to chapped lips daily and it is not an attractive look. The lack of water gives me regular migraines as well. With more water in my system these days, i can say that the migraines has lessen, my skin complexion improved and it has definitely helped with my immune system.

How i would achieve the 3 litre water mark — I would use 500ml bottles as it is easier personally, compared to using 1 litre bottles. I would take two 500ml “shots” each in the morning, afternoon and night. Bam! Three litres done.

Setting aside 45 mins of exercise three times a week //  I am proud to say that i have made this particular habit to stick for the recent months! My work place has a decent gym, so i would make it a point to do at least, 2 workout sessions either after work or during lunch. I would use the remaining one session to do my morning run during the weekends. Nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a good ol’ sweaty session.

Sleeping earlier and getting 7 hours of sleep //  Having enough sleep is definitely important and it benefits more than getting rid of dark circles and the boost of mood throughout the day. To sleep better and faster, i would normally switch off my gadgets 30 mins prior, get into the blankets with a good book. The slow-down in activities would help relax my mind further and fall asleep naturally.

Just a casual reminder that the above tips come from regular person with not much health-related expertise! The above changes benefitted me but might not help the next person as much. Feel free to share your health tips in the comments below, it is good to help one another out! ☺️

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