How I Try To Achieve The “I Got This” Attitude At Work

We all have those awful days at work — accidentally spilt mee rebus gravy on our white top, throbbing migraine in the middle of the  day or talking to the boss without realising that you have a huge piece of romaine leaf from the salad you had for lunch on your front teeth. Sometimes, all the above can happen in one single day and we must all learn and come up with ways to counter them so they would not ruin the rest of the day.

After four years of being employed (and many embarrassing accidents later), i finally learnt my lesson(s) and decided that i must have the upper hand to win from these mini-catastrophes. Your girl here is a clumsy goon in nature, specifically in the office. Below are my primary advices and it works even if you are a newbie at work or have been working for as long as i do, or longer! With these, hopefully you can confidently say, “don’t worry, i got this!” more often and your days in the office would not be ruined that easily anymore.

Have an entire backup outfit (ALL-BLACK recommended) kept in the drawer | The ENTIRE thing. From head to toe. Hijabi ladies, this include your hijab too. Personally, i would make sure that my back-up outfit is ALL-BLACK, so that i do not have to worry if it doesn’t compliment with the rest of the outfit i had on that day. Black goes well with everythingggggg.

Prepare a medical kit | This kit includes essentials such as  stomach ache oil, panadols, cold pills, hot muscle relaxants etc. For ladies, you can also include one/two pads for emergencies. My mom was the one who introduced to me the idea of a medical kit during my first year working and it has saved me during tons of occasions throughout my working days.

Have a table mirror | I would normally place a table mirror on my work desk somewhere that i could easily see, such as on a shelf next to my computer monitor. As you tend to work with tons of different individuals which includes big shots within the organisation, i think it is pretty important that you are decent “face-wise”. Oh, the horror of presenting to the management with salad pieces stuck between your teeth. Yikes.

Have a monthly desk calendar | To be able to foresee how your month is going to be at a single glance, is definitely useful. Personally, i would rather have a solid (not digital) monthly desk calendar by my computer and write down all my personal & work commitments for that particular month, so as to ensure that they do not overlap one another. A good place to put this calendar is again, next to your computer, where you are able to get a quick check without craning your neck at the far corner of your workspace, just to see if you can squeeze in an ungodly meeting on a Saturday morning.

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