My New Korean Skincare Discoveries!


I am a korean beauty junkie.

A hard core one. I  would read their skincare reviews and try new products on a regular basis. I love seeing them do wonders to my skin, adding to that glow and zapping away the blemishes. Thanks to trying out korean skincare for multiple years, i have confidence in my skin and absolutely do not mind when i had to go out for short errands bare-faced! I have tried everything from cleansers, serums, faca masks, make up removers etc and i am basically happy with most of the products i have tried throughout the years.

First off, my face complexion is oily/ normal combination with hormonal zits from time to time. Thankfully, i do not have sensitive skin and am able to try out many different natural korean skin care! I keep my daily skincare regime to the minimum, with the basic process of…

 cleansing (day) > sunscreen > moisturiser > double cleansing (night) > night serum

In addition to my daily skincare regime, i would treat myself with face masks twice a week!  Nothing like an additional oomph  for the skin.

I usually get my korean skincare fix from airports during my travels or by Qoo10. Below are my latest ones and thought that it might be great to share more about it……


Holika Holika Pure Essense Mask Sheets | The BF was an absolute sweetheart when he bought me back these masks goodies that comes in 10 different varieties from his recent trip to Korea! I personally have never tried anything from Holika Holika before, but have heard so much good things about the brand, so i am stoked to try them all. One tip i love doing with face masks – keep them in the fridge. Nothing beats the cold refreshing feeling of a fresh face mask! Get them here: Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheets.


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Effector Serums | I have heard about these online and they look similar to the Skin Inc Serums, but waaaay cheaper. There are 11 different kinds which help tackle various skin issues raging from aging, to dull, to troubled skin. Out of the 11, I chose these two above which could help me with brightening, nutrients and add on the extra glow. There are mixed reviews online pertaining this products and i have yet to try it on my own. Will definitely share more if i love them! If you are interested to try them too, you can order them here : It’s Skin Power 10 Serums.


It’s Skin Bird Nest Radiance Mask Sheet |As from what you gathered from this post already, i am all about getting that radiance and glow from these korean skincare products.  I have tried 4 sheets of these and i can assure you that they are pretty awesome – they leave my skin smooth and bright after 20 mins of application, yay! Will definitely go back to buy another pack when i have the chance. Also, note that consistency is key – you can’t expect drastic results from one sheet mask alone, you gotta keep using a couple of sheets to see the results!

The Saem Natural Honey Mask Sheet | Honey itself bring tons of skincare benefits. It is great for acne treatment, slows down aging, gives a complexion boost (aka da glow) and clarifying the pores! I have only tried three sheets of the said honey mask sheets consistently and am already loving the results it promised! Get yourself the much needed honey goodness here : The Saem Honey Essence Sheet Masks .

Got good korean skincare recommendations? Share them in the comments section below!

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