May Shake-Up | A Couple of Things I Added In My To-Do List


With us almost getting to that mid-year point and Ramadhan being around the corner, I cannot deny that i am baffled by how time goes by so fast! Apart from the usual shindigs that happen throughout the month, below are some additional things that i would want to add on my to-do list, so as to ensure that i make May worthwhile. Bring on, May!

Getting mentally ready for Ramadhan | With the special holy month pretty soon (in shaa Allah), it would be good for me to come up with healthy & filling food alternatives that would last me a good while during the day. This means stocking up on the dates, granola, fruits, tea etc! Apart from food, i also like to treat myself with a new set of prayer garments to motivate me along the nightly Terawih prayers throughout the Ramadhan month.

Bring out the camera a bit more | I am determined to get over my shyness of using my proper camera to take photos in public! Friends, if you need someone to take proper photos for our outings, i am your gal.

Read a book per week | With most of my TV series coming down to their season finales,  i think it would be good for me to catch back with my reading. I miss holding a proper book, smelling the pages and the accomplishment it brings when you finally flip that last page.

Finish up Mad Men | Starting the season finale of your favourite TV series, always sucked a lot. I am on my final season of Mad Men and i am trying to savour every episode i have left.  I am definitely going to miss that prick, Don Draper. I am also going to miss New York and its advertising world in the 1960s. What am i going to watch next? Oh, how i hate the sense of emptiness it brings.

Scoring Ed Sheeran Tickets | We got news this week that Ed Sheeran will be blessing us with a concert this coming November! Ticket sales starts next week and i am frantically finding buddies to go with. I grew up listening to Ed Sheeran and no way am i going to miss this chance.

What’s on your to-do list this month?

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