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Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAre you on the same boat as me – shopping for EVERYTHING online, from clothes to movies, to groceries, to travel etc? Is your wallet suffering a painful fate as mine, always wheezing & coughing out dust?

Stick around because I have a great tip for you that can help and benefit you as a shopper whenever you make your purchases online! Sharing is caring, am i right? 😉

I was first introduced to the concept of Shopback from a dear friend of mine on a train delay on our way home from work. She would rave about how it lessens the blow on the wallet and how it has benefited her finances greatly. Sadly, after our ride home, I completely forgot to find out more about Shopback. Up till recently, i was invited by Shopback (what are the chances?!) to try out and review their site. I set aside a weekend to try it out properly and OH MY GOODNESS – it has “up” my online shopping game completely!

quick gist on how Shopback works – The concept is quite simple actually. Shopback basically helps you to get the best deals & discounts on TONS of stores (300+!!!). When you spend online via Shopback, they will give you a portion of your purchase back as “cash back”. That would mean extra savings when you shop online! Once the claim has been made, Shopback will transfer the cashback directly into your paypal or bank account as swiftly as possible! Apart from the cash back received, they also share the best deals for shoppers like you and me to benefit better. From a fellow online shopaholic to you – ISN’T THAT AWESOME? Anything that could help me save a couple of dollas, is good enough for me!

During my try-out weekend, i managed to do various purchases, ranging from make-up, movies and also for my upcoming Hong Kong trip this coming August. I am thoroughly impressed that the Shopback site covers a great range and there is definitely something for everyone.

Another way ShopBack helps you save is by providing information on the latest promotions and offers. So as mentioned above, if you happen to want to catch a movie, there’s a chance for you to enjoy some savings at Cathay Cineplexes promotions for movie tickets. The deals made available to you cover almost every other categories too so you can expect to save with Shopee promo codes or deals from too.

Need more convincing? Simply head over to the Shopback site and try it out for yourself! After figuring how fuss-free and quick it is, I am definitely Team Shopback.

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