My Current Travel Essentials! 

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By the time you are reading this, i am currently on a short getaway in Vietnam for the weekend! I have never been to Vietnam before, so it is definitely a great reason for me to come visit and explore!

I, for one, enjoy packing for trips. I know people who would say otherwise but I love the satisfaction it gives, especially when i see my packing checklist ticked, luggage organised and all ready to fly! Amidst of all the things we bring, we all definitely have a couple of things that we HAVE to bring with along the trip to keep us comfortable, efficient and organised. Below are mine!

Make up wipes// No other feeling like wiping away all that gunk and pollutants after a long day in the city! Ending the day with a squeaky clean face is a firm habit that I grew up with, so it is for sure, a no exception when I am overseas. I like using the wipes from Simple, as they are pretty efficient and gets the job done – Click here to buy!

Packing Cubes// They UP-ed my packing game SO MUCH! They keep my stuff organised and lessen the odds of me losing my stuff while travelling! I can NEVER pack without packing cubes ever again. Get your cubes here and thank me later —- Click here to buy!

Foldable backpack // Always useful during shopping trips! Always convenient to put everything in a backpack, rather than lugging tons of paper bags while travelling.

Something fluffy to lounge in // “Fluffy-wear” always helps me sleep better in a foreign place. Despite them, taking up a lot of room in my luggage, they are definitely a must for me to bring along.

Portable Charger // With the constant social updating, comes fast draining of our phones! So a decent portable charger is always essential during my travels. Imagine roaming around the city with no GPS?! Or no phone battery to take photos for memory’s sake? Sheer horror!

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