How I Normally Turn My Bad Days Around

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“Fathin, how are you happy all the time?”

“Every time i see you, you are always so bubbly!”

These are the usual comments i hear from friends & colleagues whenever we meet for meals or bump in the lift lobbies.

Life is a thrilling ride, going up and down, which generally mean we are all bound to have undesirable days from time to time. I, too, have bad days as of late, with work piling in all at once, minor things that do not go well and people who just do not want to co-operate. However, we do not have the time to weep and watch a perfectly good day go to waste, right?

The first thing you should do is to keep the positivity flowing. Once you feel better, it will definitely be easier to kick the negativity in the butt and continue to conquer the rest of the day! Below are my main ways of getting out of that slump quickly and i hope that they could help you too!

Listen to your favourite song & sing along // One of my favourite songs to combat the woes is to listen specifically to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic on the headphones, NOT on the speakers. The way i would do it is to grab my headphones & phone, head to the nearest handicapped toilet and spend 10 mins jamming to the songs that i know will cheer me up instantly.

Pet an animal // I have to thank Biroo & Spotty for this. It is true when they say animals can dramatically improve your moods and help with healing. Hugging & talking to animals help boost self esteem and well being! I would always confide to Spotty & Biroo whenever i am down and always feel a sense of relief after that, without fail.

Go and get (or give) a huge hug //  THE BEST ONE. Always reach out to your family and friends whenever you need a hug because it will definitely make you safer and feel optimistic again. We tend to overlook human touch as a form of therapy and i can vouch that it works, 100%!

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