From A Fellow Netflix-holic To You : Here Are The Shows I Think You Should Watch

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHi, I’m Fathin and i am a Netflix-holic.

I spend a decent amount of time on Netflix every day, either during lunch time with my work buddies or an hour before settling down to sleep. It is a great place with new programmes, movies & documentaries on a daily basis! I never get bored because they update the site regularly.  As someone who loves to watch on-the-go, Netflix also allows most of their shows to be downloaded offline, which is a godsend for people like me who do not like to blow up their data outrageously from watching too much TV.

Below are my top contenders in which i would ALWAYS recommend to people who are in a Netflix rut or have no idea where to start. Of course i am not going to add in Thirteen Reasons Why and Orange Is The New Black, as i would assume that most of you would have already watched them and we can all agree that they are amazing.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE) //  I grew up with ASOE, both books and movie (sad coz the movie didnt progress on). So, when i heard that they are going to come out with a entirely new TV series in January 2017, I WAS STOKED. Also! Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf! What’s not to be excited about, am i rite?!  The series was amazing, so true to the books and it made me so committed to it – finished it in one weekend, heeeee.

Riverdale // Similar to ASOUE. i grew up with Archie & the gang and was pretty excited when they are making a TV show out of it with actual real humans! However for Riverdale, there is a dark twist in the series which goes around a murder that happened within the small town. It was faaaaaar from what i expected from the usual comics i read growing up; [SPOILERS!] Veronica Lodge’s dad is a HUGE criminal, The Blossoms are hated by almost everyone in Riverdale, Jughead dates Betty and Archie is with Ms Grundy. WHAT?!

Black Mirror // One word for this series – INTENSE. There are 3 seasons for Black Mirror and you don’t necessarily have to start at Season 1. I start at Season 3, then Season 1 and ending it at Season 2. Every episode is different and it never fails to blow my mind one way or another. Most of the episodes deal with futuristic issues and technology with we could all relate to them somehow. My personal favourite is “Nosedive” from Season 3 which refers to people rate each other with their phones and these ratings will impact their entire lives.

Terrace House // I stumbled upon Terrace House when i suddenly got a random crave for some foreign content on Netflix. Terrace House is a Japanese reality show where they get youths from various professions (models, athletes, architects etc) around Japan and they have to live together in a beautiful house in Tokyo. With people that comes with different personalities, drama within the household is inevitable, and it baffles me how Japanese would settle their issues. They handled it in such a calm and mature way, therefore i think it is something that we could learn and apply it in our own lives!

White Helmets // I am not someone who appreciates documentaries, but White Helmets are one of my few favourites. The White Helmets refers to a voluntary organisation who strives to save civilians in a war-stricken area in Syria. The men in White Helmets comes from different families around Syria and they risk their lives every day to save civilians who got trapped under the rubble where the bombs strikes.  The 1-hour plus documentary may be short, but there are a lot of take-aways from it, such as to never hesitate helping others in need and to always be grateful with what i have now. Give this documentary a chance, guys! I am sure you won’t regret it.

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