My Current Style Inspirations!

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First and foremost, i am nowhere close to being a fashionista. Or a hijabi-sta. Or whatever “-sta” term used by people nowadays to describe individuals with daring and interesting fashion taste. BUT! Thanks to Pinterest, a couple of fashionistas that i follow from Instagram, and the sneaky strolls into boutiques, I am still able to be inspired to switch up my style from time to time.

Insta-influencers & Bloggers// These ones here are the main culprits. I am the ideal consumer that online shops would typically look out for, that is because i get sucked easily into something that is up my style street. I would stalk their IG feeds, watch their IG stories and see how they incorporate fashion pieces that i might already have or considering to tap and try. The pool of influencers that i had my eye on, covers a great range from monochrome and colour-infused senses of style, which is definitely great when you are boted with a certain look etc. The Anna Edit is my favourite when it comes to maintaining a minimal style, Modest Mira for when it comes to combining modern fashion pieces and modesty together and making it possible.

Pinterest // AKA the rabbit hole. It will always begin with me pinning a couple of images and the next thing i know, i would have already spent a couple of hours and be knee deep in inspiration on various things such as style and interior design. With a simple search on a particular item that i would already have or would like to have, Pinterest would offer me various suggestion of people who have a similar sense of style as i do, with their own take and twists. That way, i can see how different people would incorporate it to their outfits and think about how i could fit into mine.

Shops // I am definitely an online shopper kind of gal, but sometimes it’s nice to be in the physical store; feeling and trying the clothes on. When i am in the mood, i would head over to The Editors Market, where they have a great selection of streetwear that can still be modest, if you know how to style them properly. If i am in the mood to stay in (which is practically 90% of the time) and wished to do the same, i would pop into either these three main platforms – POPLOOK , ASOS ,Zalora. These online platforms update with new pieces every week, which always make me come back to check on their sites regularly. One other good thing about these shopping sites, they would also include info on the other clothing pieces within the outfit, so that you can have a general sense on how they would compliment each other nicely!


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