Happy Sunday!

How is it April already?! Slow down, time, slow down.

I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend so far. Here, I will be trying out a new photo series for the blog, where i would share my favourite (preferably Top 5) photos of the month. I personally love taking photos and would always find opportunities to improve my photography skills further. I would typically use my iphone 7 and my Olympus Pen E-PL7 to take the photos as they would allow me to share them directly on my social media platforms.

More of my photos will be posted on a daily basis at my personal & blog Instagram accounts. Feel free to check them out and follow if you love them <3

Lo’ and behold, below are my top 5 favourite photos for the month of March!

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4th March 2017 | This was taken during my birthday, when my friends came to surprise me with 2 wonderful things – a Pandora bracelet and 2 (!!!) boxes of cupcakes from Fluff Bakery! Noor couldn’t join to the surprise sadly, so he gave a beautiful bouquet filled with tulips – my favourite <3

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12th March 2017 | Oh, this one was such a happy day! Noor brought me out on a day date, when we went out to try the World Wildlife Fund’s game & exhibition at Art Science Museum. It was so fun & cool, we had to use tablets to find our way around the museum, learning about endangered  animal species in Asia. After that, i brought him to Noosh at the Esplanade for early dinner and we went to explore the ArtZoo (above) and i-light after! The above photo was taken by him at The Art-Zoo, when he was trying out my new Olympus camera.

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18th March 2017 | This was me and my little sister, sitting by Pasir Ris Beach after watching Beauty and the Beast. It is our favourite childhood film and we both cried so much while watching the live-action remake. Our mom was with us as well, she was the one who took this photo! We sat there for good two hours, sharing our favourite parts in the movie and sang our favourite B&B songs.

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26th March 2017 | This photo was taken when my uni friends invited me out for a picnic at the Marina Barrage. March was the month filled with rainy afternoons, but that day, we were blessed with clear blue skies and strong winds. Seen here were the kites set up by families as they chill by the seaside with scrumptious picnic foods. It was indeed a beautiful day.


31st March 2017| The perfect way to end the month of March, with Coldplay! I have always been envious of those who attended past Coldplay concerts on Youtube and Instagram, they were basically amazing. I was so stoked to be able to attend one this week and it was a memory that i would NEVER forget in this lifetime. THANK YOU COLDPLAY!! <3

Hope you love the photos and the memories they bring me! Till next time, xx

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