What’s in my Bag? | Work Edition


Happy Saturday!

I am currently writing this post with the rain outside my window, covering myself with a fleece blanket and the KUTK switched on by the side. Bliss.

I initially suffered a blog rut and had zero idea on what to write on this weekend. Then, i looked over to my new Soho 2 bag by Sometime by Asian Designers (well gifted by my uni friends for my birthday) and it struck me. How about i share with you what i usually keep in my work bag on a near daily basis? I have always liked watching “What’s in my bag” videos on youtube and being kaypo is one of my key characters as a human being anyways, heh.


Let me put it out there first — i NEVER carry light. The bags i have throughout my school & working life has always been medium to xtra large sizes, never small. During my school days, i would have 3 novels at least but now when i work, i carry 3 different gadgets with me. The bag i carry today is as per mentioned above (The Soho 2 bag) and it is FAB. I got it via Poplook, and it comes in various colours. My bags are usually black but this time round , i stayed clear from usual and chose Moss Grey instead. DIDN’T REGRET IT! The bag is well made with soft leather and the size is perfect for my many basic necessities.

Here is the link to The Soho 2 Bag via Poplook – Soho 2 Bag – Moss Grey

Apart from the usual important stuff like wallet, phone and the work pass, i would include the following as well:-

  • Gadgets – I carry three different kinds; an ipad mini, a kindle and the phone. My ipad mini is essential for work ever since they cut off the internet at the office (SAD!). As for the kindle, it is for me to catch up on my books & articles to and from work. Always needed some sort of entertainment in the train!
  • Headphones – Ever since i had the hijab on, using the headphones is a preferred way for me to listen to music or watch vids whenever i am in the office or during train/bus journeys. Compared to earphones, it doesn’t ruin the shawl at all, which is definitely a YAY for me.
  • Make up/ female intimates bag – This is important! Make up for refreshers, in case i got an impromptu date or meals with friends. Apart from make up, i also have a spare pad at hand, to avoid being unprepared for a bloody surprise (ooops heheTMIhehe).
  • First aid kit –  With work comes daily headaches, so having panadols at hand helps me greatly. Also include stomachache pills and hot body oil to soothe pains.
  • Umbrella – To combat Singapore’s daily unpredictable weather. Hot mornings don’t necessarily mean an  hot day overall, this girl here has learnt that the hard way.
  • Small cloth tote bag – Super useful when i run errands or had to carry extra stuff to and from the office!I would definitely prefer a tote bag than a couple of noisy plastic bags at once, in trains or buses.

Ok, that’s my take on what’s currently in my work bag! Tons of boring but essential stuff that i would carry around on an almost daily basis. Do share your daily essential stuff too in the comment section below, i would love to know! <3

Till next time, xx

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