3 Daily Habits To Maintain A Clutter-Free Space

Honestly, I can’t function in a cluttered environment. Having a tidy space to work/ rest helps greatly to streamline the things i need to accomplish during my day, as i tend to know where everything is. Having a clutter- free room has also helped me with my mood, specifically when i return home after a long day at work. It is also a good step for those who would like to start living minimally!

  1. Everything has a place. 
    • We tend to leave things such as documents on tables for convenience and would eventually turn the entire home upside down when we could not find it. One way to avoid that  awful situation is to ensure that we cultivate the habit of keeping them immediately at a specific place, such as clear folders for important documents etc. If everything has it’s own place, it would be easy for us to find when we need it and where to put it back after use. Organising your belongings is the main point of maintaining a cluttered free space.
  2. Setting aside 10 mins to tidy your space before falling asleep.
    • This habit might be hard to cultivate, especially after you had a long day of school or work. However, let me assure you, nothing is better than waking up on a brand new day with a tidy room. With a tidy room to help start the day, you won’t waste your morning going through the storm in your room, finding important documents or that blouse you want to wear to work that day. I’ve had those kind of days and boy, it sets me to a grumpy mood at such an early point of the day. No fun at all.
  3. Recycle or donate regularly.
    • Decluttering is something that i do every three months. I would normally donate my shawls and clothes to local charities instead of throwing them away. By doing so, it helps us to declutter our space and also gives the stuff we do not need, a better home. Yay!

I hope the above could help you guys to achieve a clutter free environment at home too. If you have more tips on doing so, let me know in the comments section below!

Till next time!

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