Time to reflect – 25 Things I am grateful for?

With a quarter of a century gone, i feel that it is time for me to sit down and reflect on the things i am grateful for. Let’s start, shall we? Bismillah!

  1. Allah swt. The relationship we have. He is the very first one that i go to, happy or sad.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  2. Ibu & Ayah. Always providing me the best to pursue my dreams and also their never ending love. We go through many up and downs as a family but our bond is still very strong!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  3. Ain and Farihin. Allah swt let me have the experience of having both a brother and a sister, in either good or bad ways. I have their backs, and they have mine.
  4. Anoor, my love! He has always been my rock, supporting me in whatever and everything i do. He listens to me, he advises, he showers me with so much love and i feel so blessed with him by my side.
  5. Spotty  & Biroo. With these two, they taught me to be compassionate with my non-human friends and to treat them with so much love they deserve.
  6. My current job. My constant source of rezeki. Paid for my degree, my travels, teach me the sense of financial responsibilities and improved me as a working individual.
  7. My maternal & paternal families. Always creating opportunities to come together and enjoy meals & activities as one big family <3
  8. My Uni buddies. Alex and Farhana. I was never popular in Uni but i am glad i found these two, to motivate me to work harder through assignments and exams. We are always there to support each other, especially if we don’t do as well as we should, from time to time.
  9. My Poly girls. Athirah, Khaliesah, Masdreena, Baiz & Masayu. These girls are the best. Always making sure we have a meal together at least twice a month, catching up with life and be there for each other during good & bad times. Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  10. My Sec School friends. I have many great friends in sec school, but the ones who always stick by me throughout this decade since we graduated from Siglap Sec are Atiqah, Syafa, Nurul, Nieya, Sunhaj. All with weird personalities of their own but that’s what kept our relationships going <3img_3842
  11. My URA girls. Ida, Isfarah, Salleha & Farah. My Safiyahs! My lunch buddies! Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  12. My travels. I have traveled to many places recently and they have taught me to be open minded, respect cultures and remind me that my life is so much more than being in a small bubble.
  13. Singapore. I just love how small & compact Singapore is. No two- hour public transport journey from Point A to Point B! Despite small in size, Singapore has a great mix of city and nature all over the island.
  14. Having a sense of independence. I never liked being clingy and dependent on other people.
  15. The love of technology. Tech allows me to share, to connect, to learn and to help others and it is always something i love pursuing. Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  16. The many opportunities to help others . I am blessed with friends who always create opportunities to help those who are not as fortunate, specifically during Ramadhan. To many more, in shaa Allah!
  17. Being a foodie. Always game for a new cafe woo!
  18. Able to cook for people too, hehe. You won’t go hungry with me ok!
  19. Living in a community where people don’t discriminate. Nobody got time for hate.
  20.  Friends who followed both my personal IG & Thathijabisister IG. GUYSSSSSSS, thank you so much! I don’t get WHY you want to see me in both platforms and support my blog omg T.T so thankful!
  21. Upcoming travels. My trips this year is still uncertain but i’m definitely visiting Vietnam in April! I’m itching for either Dubai or New Zealand next. The travel bug in me is so soooo excited!
  22. Being in the presence of other people’s greatest moments.  Weddings, engagements, new babies. What’s not to love? Let’s strive to be happy for one another 🙂
  23. Career progression. My current job allows me to interact with the public for the better of Singapore. Hopefully, with this experience, i could pursue further in public engagement for the public’s good? In shaa Allah!
  24. Being self-sufficient. I can never stress enough on the importance of saving $$$! All thanks to my old folks who nurtured this important value in me.
  25. Annddddd finally, the direction of That Hijabi Sister blog! In shaa Allah, i aim to have my own domain soon! So many contents to share as well and i can’t wait!

Till the next post! <3

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  1. Masyallah.. Lovely family,lovely friends you’ve got & amazing life! lovely blog you’ve got! Alhamdulillah.. 😊 will look forward to read your next post… ❤

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