My February Favourites! | 2017

  1. Multi Cleanser by Laneige
    • I heard my friends raved about this cleanser for months and saw how it has benefited their skin. In Singapore, where the heat is hot enough to melt your make up the moment you step out of the door, i feel that it is essential to, at least, maintain good skincare. I have been using this for a month plus now and i love how it cleans up my skin THOROUGHLY after a long day. The micro beads are gentle enough to be used daily and it has definitely helped with my acne scars and dullness. Go give this one a chance! You wont regret it, i assure you.
  2. Bye Bye Under-eye by IT Cosmetics
    • IT cosmetics is a fairly new cosmetic brand that just hit Singapore shores (late last year maybe?) and i have been itching to try something from this particular brand, after i heard countless Youtubers going on and on about how great it is. As under eye concealer is something i used on a daily basis and i heard so many great reviews, i decided to give it (in travel size form for now) a try! I have been using it for two weeks now, and absolutely adored it. It covers a fair amount, long lasting (10 hour max for me) and completely waterproof. I’m hoping to get it in full size once i’m done with this baby!
  3. Pink Cocoa Lipstick by Tanya Burr Cosmetics
    • I have been wanting to try TB’s cosmetic line ever since it launched and i was so happy when i came across this one during my trip to London last year. This nude shade is moisturising and the colour pay-off is amaaaazing. It’s lightweight but not as long lasting as the ones from Colourpop. I keep this one in my work bag, in case i need a pick-me-up or want to look decent during a meeting/discussion/impromptu date with the bf.
  4. Olympus E-PL7 Camera in Silver
    • Even though this purchase was fairly new, it is one of my favourites this month because i reach for this camera EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (well, for 3 days so far since i bought it heeee) The camera levels up the quality my photos and it comes with a wifi function! Thanks to this camera, i could share the photos on all my social media platforms, including this blog.
  5. Riverdale (Netflix)
    • YOU GUYS. WATCH RIVERDALE. I’M SERIOUS. This series is a twisted version of the Archie Comics we used to read when we are younger but i assure you, YOU WILL LOVE IT. It has a Pretty Little Liars/ Gossip Girl vibe, where scandals and dramas among these teens pretty much drives the show into a certain direction that makes you want to know even more.

What are your favourites this month? Do share in the comments below because i am nosey and would love to know! <3

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