Well hello there!

On a more polite and modest note – Assalamualaikum!

Since it’s my first post, i think it is best for me to introduce myself. I’m Fathin, and i am about to hit that quarter of a century milestone (yesssss, 25). Alhamdulillah, i have lived a wonderful and fulfilling life so far, traveled to many places and met many different people. I have two cats – Spotty and Biroo, in which you will see both quite frequently on my Instagram! I come from a family of five and blessed too with a super awesome guy named Anoor <3

I graduated from Murdoch University two years ago with a degree on Public Relations and hope to score a job in commuications one day 🙂 The market has been bad, so for now i gotta pave my own way and gain some communications on my own so that i could stay relevant in the media world.

What’s there to expect in my blog?

Expect posts such as beauty finds, travel spots and other lifestyle shindigs! I post weekly and am determined to keep this space alive and active as long as i can! 🙂

I’ll talk to you soon,

Nur Fathin Izzathi

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