My Sunday Night Time Routine

Sunday nights are really important for me to wind down and ensuring that i have sufficient rest (approx 7-8 hrs of sleep) before a fresh new work week starts. I normally try to schedule my time so as to make sure that i am already at home from 7pm onwards that Sunday evening!

Below are my essential steps :-

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Slap on them detox mask! – After an evening shower and maghrib/ isyak prayers, i set aside 20 mins to put on a detox mud masak; in this case, i would use The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask to unclog the gunk that accumulated on my skin during that week. It’s great to start fresh and anew, skin-wise right? Start the week with a clean face hmmm, yes please.



Oil it up! – After that nice face detox, i would use a facial oil (Santuary Facial Oil) to provide nutrients for the face and also a hair oil (Good Virtues Co – Hair Serum) to rejuvenate the hair. I prefer to oil it up at night rather than during the day, as it can take its own time to air dry and soak it all up within.

Put away that phone! – I would normally put away my phone to charge at a far end of my room from 10pm onwards. Most of my friends are already saying good night at this point of time anyways, especially Anoor (he knocks out at 930pm LOL). Once that phone is away, slow the night further by catching up with reading a book or a magazine. A cup of hot camomile tea is also a good companion to wind down the night with that book.

Normally at that point, i will feel zen enough to fall asleep. What are your night time routines? Do share, it would be nice to know!

Till next time (in shaa Allah),


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